Wear something you don’t mind getting ruined

You’re likely to get small amounts of blood and ink splattered on whatever you’re wearing on the day, so make sure you don’t leave the house in your favorite outfit.

Check your spelling

Single check, double check, triple check! We will check it in the studio but it’s going to be on you FOREVER so please check as well!

Don’t shave the area of skin that is about to be tattooed

If your skin needs to be shaved, your artist will do it for you (and they will probably do a better job). You don’t want to risk cutting your skin or getting razor burn before arriving at the studio.

Ask about Pain Relief

If you’re thinking of applying a skin numbing product before getting to the studio, make sure you have a conversation about it first with your artist. Some numbing products can cause temporary changes to the outer layers of skin, which can affect how well an artist might be able to do their job, so it’s always best to check with them first.

Do I need ID ?

You need to be 18 to get your new ink so if you are under 25 or are lucky enough to have a lovely youthful face please bring I.D you on the day of your tattoo.

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